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LabJack T7 in Virtualbox



I happily run a LabJack T7 in Linux (USB connection). No problem whatsoever, I'm very happy.


Now I need to port my application to Windows. I have a Windows 8 guest OS running in Virtualbox on my Linux host, and I would like to attach the T7 USB device to the Windows guest. However, it doesn't work: the device attaches for a split second, then detaches immediately. This happens whether or not the guest OS is running.


The Virtualbox log says this when I try to attach the T7:


00:00:25.897529 VUSB: Disabled '00007f156c27c690[proxy 0cd5:0007]' remote wakeup for configuration 0
00:00:25.898485 VUSB: Attached '00007f156c27c690[proxy 0cd5:0007]' to port 2 on RootHub#1 (FullSpeed)
00:00:26.756019 usb-linux: Reset failed, rc=Not supported. errno=19.
00:00:26.767386 VUSB: Detached '00007f156c27c690[proxy 0cd5:0007]' from port 2 on RootHub#1

I looked around on the internet for that "reset failed - errno=19" error, and it seems to be a fairly recent regression in the Linux kernel. So I'm not holding out much hope to make this work. Still, I figured I'd ask. Any suggestion?


I'm running Linux Mint Ulyssa - Linux kernel 5.4.0, Virtualbox 6.1.16 w/ matching extensions and guest additions. FWIW, I've tried the usual solutions - rebooting guest / host, trying Virtualbox controllers EHCI, OHCI, XHCI... nothing works.

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One thing to try is to close

One thing to try is to close all software that can talk to the device outside of the VM, boot and operate within the VM, then unplug and plug back in the T7. Other than that, I would recommend trying to (re)install our driver package in the VM and reboot to see if that helps.

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Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply.

I did check that no native process was holding up the device host-side. I even uninstalled the LabJack library to be sure. As for the guest OS, I did reinstall the driver also (and uninstalled it entirely). But like I said, it's not the issue because this occurs also while the VM is booting up and still in the UEFI code, so it's not a guest OS issue. And of course, I did try to unplug / plug back the device, restart both guest and host to make sure everything was running "fresh", etc, to no avail.

I'm fairly sure it's how Virtualbox works: when a new USB device is attached, it performs a reset, and for some reason the syscall fails with the T7 device. From what I could read, it's probably a kernel issue (see for instance). So I guess the question probably belongs more in the Virtualbox support forum. But I figured maybe LabJack was aware of the issue and found some workaround.