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Deploying Standalone Application with Matlab

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Deploying Standalone Application with Matlab


I build a simple GUI dashboard with Matlab. I can both control I/O and read from analogs from the UI with Matlab.

However, it doesn't work as standalone after deploying with Matlab application compiler.

I have included the main file with the .m. The files required for the application to work are the .fig and the .dll file.

Upon completion, the UI does pop up. But the button and everything else aren't working.

Any pointers on how to solve this will be great. Thanks.

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LabJack.LJM.dll is only the

LabJack.LJM.dll is only the .NET interface to the LJM library. There are more dlls and files for the LJM library to function. For deployment, at least the "Minimal Install" files mentioned here (minus the .lib file) need to be on the system:

Also, before usage an "inf" needs to be installed on the system (in Program Files (x86)\LabJack\Drivers\Install).

For distributing the needed LJM drivers and files, it would be easiest to distribute and run our minimal installer, which can be ran silently (mentioned in the download's details):

We also have an example installer for making your own installer that distributes LJM files:

If you do have the required LabJack libraries/files installed on your system, are there any errors during MATLAB compilation, or when you press the button.