code compatibility T7 and T7 Pro if WiFi is unused

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code compatibility T7 and T7 Pro if WiFi is unused

I am duplicating a test station from another location.  They had a T7 Pro, but did not need 802.11, so it is unused in the application.  Assuming that their code makes no use of the WiFi, do I need to buy a T7 Pro?  Is the T7 code-compatible except for WiFi?  


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T7-Pro vs. T7

T7-Pro vs. T7
The T7-Pro has the following additional features:

  • 802.11b/g WiFi connectivity.
  • Low-Speed and High-Resolution (24-bit) sigma-delta ADC.
  • Battery Backed RTC for stand-alone data logging.
  • Factory Installed microSD card for stand-alone data logging.

Assuming you are not using any of those, the same code should run on a T7 or T7-Pro.

One slight difference is that the default ResolutionIndex of 0 equates to a 8 on a T7 and 9 on a T7-Pro.  So if you are using ResolutionIndex=0 you could see slightly different time/sample and noise.  See Table A.1.4: