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T4 Arduino Interface

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T4 Arduino Interface

To interface a Labjack T4 and an Arduino Uno, we want to use an ethernet connection and have the Arduino call Labjack functions (eReadNames, eStreamRead, etc.) like normal. However, to upload to a library to an Arduino, you need the original .h and .c files. As downloaded, the LabjackM library came only with .lib precompiled library, so using the Labjack library is currently impossible. I understand that the LabjackM library source code is most likely unavailable, but is there an alternate way to interface to a Labjack T4 through Arduino? 

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If you have Ethernet/TCP

If you have Ethernet/TCP communications available, you can use Modbus TCP to interface with the LabJack T4. Take a look at our Direct Modbus TCP page here:


As for the LabJackM library, it is closed source, so source files are unavailable.