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Possible Hardware Issues

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Possible Hardware Issues

I am using the LabJack T4.  I notice that my AIN0 was not reading the voltage from the DAC0 output.  

When I was looking thtough Kipling  I notice that there was a hardware issue detected and the tempoerature reading is 194 deg. Celcius I saw information about how to set a to factory reset and to check the device. The information I found was for the T7.

Is there a way to reset the T4 and Check the device, or is there any recomended steps that I can take? 

Thank you .

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Hmmm, failure or even damage

Hmmm, failure or even damage is very unusual, but a problem with just AIN0 would be even more unusual.  See if all analog inputs are having a problem.

A few things to do:

  -Remove all connections from the T4 except for USB. This includes ANY and ALL connections to screw terminals or DB15/DB37 ports.
  -Install a small jumper wire securely from FIO6 to SPC to cause a factory reset on next boot.
  -Disconnect & re-connect USB to power-cycle the device.
  -Remove the FIO6 - SPC jumper.
  -Disconnect & re-connect USB to power-cycle the device.

More AIN testing & troubleshooting here: