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OSX in all honesty

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OSX in all honesty

In all honesty, has anyone gotten the T4 to work under OSX on a Macbook or the like, and if so how? I've had one in the lab and we've been trying to get it to do some basic data acquisition for several months off and on, and it seems outside coding up an application ourselvesin C++ there's not really a facile way to get data from an analog input to say a Matlab array.

We've read the instructions and examples, and I know it's possible. I am more interested in how anyone using a T4 with a mac is -really- getting work done in the lab using it. Can anyone share some sea stories of how they made these two pieces of technology work together (or not?)


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It's true the Matlab examples

It's true the Matlab examples only support Windows. Same for LJLogM and LJStreamM.

We do have other example languages that are supported on macOS, like C++ and Python:


For quick measurements, Kipling's Register Matrix tab allows you perform almost all the functions of the device:


The complete list of software options is here: