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kippling changing settings

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kippling changing settings


please i was debuging (python3 + labjack.ljm) some processes for one_wire and find out that when also kippling was on and connected to device, the kippling has changed status for some DIO_ANALOG_ENABLE bits. when later kippling was off this does not occure.

i have also seen unwanted changes when for instance:

1 - change pin at dashboard from Input High -> Analog

2 - then went to matrix just to see something

3 - back to dashboard and pin is again Input High


my settings:

T4 hw version 1.02

firmware 1.0027

kipling 3.1.17 / debian linux


thank you, pavel



LabJack Support
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If you have DIO selected in

If you have DIO selected in the register matrix, you will be reading the DIO every time you move to the register matrix. Each time you read the DIO registers they are automatically set back to digital inputs. To avoid unintentionally changing the flexible IO state please remove any flexible IO registers from the active registers in the register matrix.