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Configuring a 4-wire RTD

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Configuring a 4-wire RTD

Hi, I currently am using a T4 model of the LabJack and I am trying to use an RTD to measure the temperature of a motor for condition monitoring purposes. I currently have an RTD (Self-Adhesive Polyimide Fast Response RTD Surface Sensors ( and I was able to get it work with the T4 model. However, I wanted to switch to a sturdier model RTD and found this one (Self-Adhesive Silicone Molded RTD Surface Sensors| Omega) the only difference being that it is a 4 wire configuration. Reading through the forums, it seems most have used the 3 wire configuration tieing the two similar colored wires to the input and the other to vref. In the case of the 4 wire would I be able to take the 2 red wires to vref and the 2 black to the input? 

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Yes, you could treat the

Yes, you could treat the sensor like a 2-wire RTD by twisting the colored pairs together. This is not the most accurate configuration of a 4-wire RTD since it does not do anything to account for wire resistance, but it is easier to work with than another configuration and wire resistance should typically be negligible.