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Thursday May 28th 2020
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Basic Analog to Digital Conversion

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Basic Analog to Digital Conversion


I am using a Labjack T4 and my goal is to get an analog value into a digital format so that I can use that value for a feedback loop. I connect my analog input to Ground and AIN0 and have run Kipling and LStreamM but I can't see the converted Digital value. Is there any resources or help to nudge me in the right direction on how to achieve this. I am not very familar with Labjack products and this is my first go. All help is greatly appreciated.


LabJack Support
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We wound up talking on the

We wound up talking on the phone.  A read of the register named "AIN0" returns the voltage reading from AIN0.  It is a digitized value and is returned as a floating point number.