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Current Transducer Reading Error

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Current Transducer Reading Error

Hi, I am trying to use a self powered split-core current transducer to measure and monitor motor current. I don't currently have the motor to test on but I would like to verify the current sensor is communicating correctly with the LabJack T4. I am using a JC10F-025A-V (JC10F-025A-V Aim Dynamics | Sensors, Transducers | DigiKey Marketplace) with the LabJack T4 and to test, I have a 12V-15V power supply powered by 3 phase 120V from a wall outlet. I have the current sensor clipped to the L wire for the 3 phase coming into the power supply, however. it does not appear that I am getting a correct reading.

According to the power supply specifications, the rated input current is <0.28A (100VAC) to <0.17A (196VAC) and the rated output current is 1.0...1.3A.  Looking at the reference output chart of the current transducer data sheet, it looks as though if I take the output voltage and multiply it by 5, I should be reading the correct current. However, when I measured through AIN0 I got an output voltage of 0.020662 and when I measured through FI04 I got an output voltage of 0.738476, neither of which would produce the correct rated input current.

I also noticed that when I unclip the current transducer from the wire, the output voltage does not change so it doesn't seem like its actually reading anything at all.

Any help in getting a more accurate reading would be appreciated. I have attached pictures to help visulaize current setup.

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First, I would recommend you

First, I would recommend you test the AIN:

If the AIN is working, the issue is probably either configuration or something with your sensor/connection itself. Try measuring your output with a DMM. Does the DMM approximately agree with the expected output or LabJack?