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Acquisition from torque and angle sensors

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Acquisition from torque and angle sensors

I want to recover the data from two sensors located on an experimental instrument. Each sensor providing information about the torque and rotational speed.
In sensor output, there are two wires to the torque signal (5V and + 5V) and 2 wires for the rotation signal (0V to + 5V).
An attachment documentation sensors (wiring diagram Fig.9)

The objective is to sample at a frequency of 100Hz.
Is it possible to use the U3 card in this configuration?

If I do not know any programming language, how do I retrieve data on a PC (transfer to Excel for example)?



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So I see that there is a wire

So I see that there is a wire called "+5V angle" and 4 wires called "0 V angle".  Start with this.  Connect angle+ to AIN0 (do you have a U3-HV or U3-LV?), and connect one of the 0V wires to GND.  Now run LJLogUD and see if you can acquire data from that signal:

Try that first, but you might have to use LJStreamUD to go as fast as you want:

Now for your other signal, I gather you are talking about +MeasuringSignal and -MeasuringSignal?  From that diagram I have no idea how -MeasuringSignal is referred to 0V, but as a guess for how to connect I would try +MeasuringSignal to AIN1 and -MeasuringSignal to GND.