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Reverse data conversion

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Reverse data conversion

Hi guys.

I'm not too deep an expert, I'm QA Engineer, so please do not judge strictly my question.

In our project we store raw data from labjack to csv files and then we convert this data. The example of csv file is attached 

I need to simulate data for testing needs. For example I need to increase the value of the temperature. For this I need to change the raw data in the source - in my case csv file.

What I should do to convert real value to raw labjack data ? Is it possible ? 

(I use python)


LabJack Support
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Which LabJack device are you

Which LabJack device are you using? Also, what LabJack IO are you reading and how are you reading it (what function) in Python to create your CSV?

Please also clarify what conversion you want to do; are you wanting to read data from the CSV, then write it back to the LabJack to be output on the DAC or DIO lines, or is the test to verify that your software processes the CSV properly?