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New to Linux, Python, and Labjack ADCs

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New to Linux, Python, and Labjack ADCs

I am constructing a remote magnetometer station to be deployed in the field so I need to create a low power system to read the values coming off of the magnetometer and save them to a file.

I have set up the LabJack software on Windows to familiarize myself with the ADC but now I have to set up a command-response program on Linux Python that requests values from AIN 0,1 and 2 at Resolution=12 on the LabJack U6-Pro.  I have looked through the documentation for installation of the LabJackPython, however, I am still not sure how to set it all up.  I'm sure there are other people wondering this and I was wondering if someone knew a step-by-step process to install the needed software and maybe some common python commands for retrieving from the AIN and changing the resolution. 

It is a lot to ask but thank you in advance.

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For Linux installation you

For Linux installation you first need to install the Exodriver, the Linux / Mac OS X USB library, and then install LabJackPython. Requirements and installation instructions can be found on their pages:

If using Ubuntu or Debian based Linux distribution we have a step by step Exodriver and LabJackPython installation instructions here:

Installation is similar in other distributions, though you need to find the equivalent apt-get calls to install required software.

Examples are in the LabJackPython download. In particular, reads multiple analog inputs in a loop. The LabJackPython page mentions how to get Python documentation. For example, for documentation on AIN24 used in u6allio, use Python help like so:

import u6

If you run into issues, please describe where you are running into issues during installation or in Python show code what you have tried.

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Here's a simple example that

Here's a simple example that reads AIN0-AIN2 with resolution index 12 on a U6-Pro.

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For a T7 what would be the

For a T7 what would be the difference in the code???

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The T7 uses the LJM library

The T7 uses the LJM library/interface, and code will differ from using the U6 with the LabJackPython interface. Refer to the LJM Python examples here:

In particular, refer to its Examples\More\AIN\ example which configures and reads from AIN0 and AIN1 in a loop, and is easy to modify for 3 analog inputs.