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Dasylab 2016 and Labjack T4 / T7

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Dasylab 2016 and Labjack T4 / T7

I just wanted to share (since maybe others are similarly lost as I was) that I was able to get Dasylab 2016 to read the labjack (1 AIN for now) via a python script module.  I am shocked it worked (since I know almost nothing about python), but I worked through it and it actually worked!

Attached is my first draft of the script, I intend to update it to read more than 1 input and I need to figure a way to select the correct timebase.

You have to install the LJM library in the local Dasylab python folder also.


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Thank you for sharing. Good

Thank you for sharing. Good to hear that our Python modules work in DASYLab and its Python.

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LabJack has greatly expanded

LabJack has greatly expanded our support for DASYLab. Anyone following this thread should review our updated support here:


Wow, I had no idea this was

Wow, I had no idea this was something the team was working on.  I was always very disappointed I couldn't use the labjack with dasylab (as it really does everything we need right now and very easy). 

Very excited to try this out when I get back to my shop.

Oren thanks for replying here to let me know there was an update.