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Labjack U3 Dashboard

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Labjack U3 Dashboard

Hi All, 

I hope this is the correct forum to share my project. I have been writing a dashboard for the LabJack U3, it is intended for a specific project I am doing, but I figured by making it more universal it might also be useful for others. 

The code is in Python, so the user would need a basic understanding of how to run the code, but the rest is pretty intuitive. 

The dashboard runs in a browser and should work on all platforms.

At the time of writing this post the program controls two analogue outputs, and records 4 analogue inputs and one counter which is configured as a rate meter in counts per second. 

I appreciate that many people reading this will be more advanced at writing code than me, so feedback and suggestions of any kind would be much appreciated. 


Source code can be downloaded from github here: