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Is Labjack Right For My Project?

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Is Labjack Right For My Project?

Hello everyone, I didn't know if this was the right place to post this, but it seemed to fit what I want to ask.

I'm trying to decide on a means to inferface with the components for my project and I'm allowed a laptop computer, which is why I am condidering a LabJack. I will need to interface with a torque sensor, a number of stepper motors, a torque motor (haven't figured out what motor or how to interface with it), and an optics system. I would prefer if the machine can handle operating two to three stepper motors, the torque motor, the sensor, and the optics system for speed. I can reduce the amount of components used if nessesary, but I would prefer not to. Is there a particular LabJack that will be best for what I need?

I have done a bit of research and it seems like LabJacks can be used with LabView, are there any good resources to learn how to do this? I need a GUI for my project and my univeristy provides LabView for free, so if the LabJack can use LabView it is a plus.

Thank you everyone for the assistance, I appreciate the help.

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When using the labjack to run

When using the labjack to run stepper motors we need a motor driver. There are serveral options depening on the type of stepper you are using. Here is an app-note which goes into more detail:

For LabVIEW, we provide many examples. Here is a link to the T4/T7 example set: