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Using LabJack with MATLAB on Linux

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Using LabJack with MATLAB on Linux

Hello everybody out there using LabJack,

There are excellent instructions on how to use LabJack with MATLAB on Windows, but I would not know how to connect my LabJacks (U12 and U3) to MATLAB on Linux. Both are working perfectly with Python on Linux.

To be honest, I also have trouble accessing my LabJack U12 from MATLAB (2018R). When I call the function daq.getVendors(), LabJack is not listed (only another vendor).

LabJack Support
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We only provide MATLAB

We only provide MATLAB interfaces/examples on Windows. You can access our Linux libraries/APIs through MATLAB on Linux but we have no downloads or instructions for it.

In general, to access a library on Linux in MATLAB there are the loadlibrary and calllib functions. Here are MATLAB functions for directly calling C library functions:

As for our Linux libraries, for the U12 there is the ljacklm:

For the U3, there is the Exodriver:

Note that the Exodriver is a low-level USB library and does not provide high-level function as the UD library which is Windows only. Our newer DAQ series, the T-Series (T7 and T4), have a high-level library for Linux which is easier to use, but also does not have a MATLAB interface/examples.

For the U3, there is a third-party MATLAB class from the Opticka project that may have the functionality you need, or at least give you a starting point for adding new functionality:

As for daq.getVendors, there is no LabJack support in the data acquisition toolbox provided by MathWorks, so MATLAB "daq" functionality will not work with our LabJack DAQs.

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Thanks a lot for your quick

Thanks a lot for your quick and comprehensive answer, which helps me a lot. Especially the hint on the Opticka project is interesting.

I'm very happy about LabJack's excellent Python bindings, because this is very portable and accessible and therefore prioriy for me.