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U3-HV Function Generator

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U3-HV Function Generator

I am planning to buld a function generator with the sample code provided for U3-HV in LabVIEW.  refer the attachment which shows the code snippet. 

Based on a frontpanel swithc on the screen, I would like to Enable or Disable the FG . How to do that ?  The reason I want to do this is the FG code is part of a much larger code for data logging and the FG functionaility is not alwasy required. 

Any ideas ?? Thanks

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There is no way of fully

There is no way of fully disabling the DAC outputs on our devices, so to disable the function generator you would simply stop writing new values to the DAC.

One easy way to do that would be to make a case structure controlled by your front panel switch which runs the function generator code and subsequent eDAC call when you want to run the function generator and does nothing when you want the generator disabled.