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T7 mulitple encoders Labview

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Peter Zemek
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T7 mulitple encoders Labview

Is there a way to read 3 or more A/B encoders with T7 or any of yours products combined with Labview? 

I was able to read 2 encoders simultaneously following an example (https://labjack.com/support/app-notes/digital-IO/photoelectric-rotary-en...). My labview code is included.

Thanks for any tips or response.

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LabJack Support
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If you need to track

If you need to track direction you would need to use our quadrature feature, and the T7 only supports three quadrature inputs. It looks like you have two quadrature inputs set up, the third would be on DIO6 and DIO7 (FIO6 and FIO7). These IO are available from the DB37 connector on the T7 and you could use our CB37 to break that out:


If you need more than three quadrature inputs you would need another LabJack, or you might be able to add an external encoder chip if you are comfortable using serial protocols like SPI and I2C. If you do not need to track direction you could track a single phase from each encoder and use our normal counter features.

Please see our quadrature feature documentation: