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Friday May 29th 2020
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Multiple LJ-TickDAC Outputs

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Multiple LJ-TickDAC Outputs

I need to control multiple LJTDACs on a single U6-Pro in while loop in LabVIEW.

Up until now I've only ever need to control a single TDAC and have done so by first configuring the pin using LJUD eGetSS (LJ_chTDAC_SCL_PIN_NUM and LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG written to IOType and Channel) after opening the U6 and before the while loop, and then writing the needed output voltage to DACA and DACB using LJUD eGetSS (LJ_ioTDAC_COMMUNICATION and LJ_chTDAC_UPDATE_DACA/B written to IOType and Channel).

If I have one LJTDAC on FIO0/1 and another on DIO0/1, how would I configure them before entering the while loop and then specify to which DAC channel, on which TDAC, I am writing the output voltage to?


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I'm not sure what you mean by

I'm not sure what you mean by FIO0/1 and DIO0/1, as DIO0/1 is the same thing as FIO0/1.  You could do FIO2/3 for your 2nd LJTDAC, or any other DIO pair.  If you meant to say DAC0/1, they will not work as the LJTDAC needs to connect to digital I/O.

You just need to do a LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG => LJ_chTDAC_SCL_PIN_NUM, to specify which DIO you want to talk to, before each LJ_ioTDAC_COMMUNICATION => LJ_chTDAC_UPDATE_DACx to set the voltages.  See new example attached.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

That was actually a typo. I meant FIO0/1 and EIO0/1 (DIO0/1 and 8/9).

Thanks again!