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LabView T7 Windows 8.1 streaming connection issues

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LabView T7 Windows 8.1 streaming connection issues

I've created a pseudo-oscillioscope program in LabView to display streaming data from a LabJack T7.  It works fine on the PC I developed it on (Windows 8.1 Enterprise) but on the Windows 8.1 laptops it is being deployed on I am having connection issues when not using the administrator account.  It seems randomly to not initiate streaming properly each time the program is started requiring the program to be closed and restarted until streaming works.  Also, part of the program's operation allows for stopping the stream in order to change the sample rate.  If a sample rate higher than 5kHz is entered it will usually work the first time but give an exception error on subsequent attempts.  After such an error, the labjack must be unplugged and plugged into a different USB port on the laptop (any USB port other than the last one used) before streaming will initiate properly.  All of these issues are only when using the non-administrator account.  If the laptop is run as administrator everything works fine as on my development machine.  Because these are deployed in student environments I'd rather not have people using the admin account so a better solution would be nice.  It feels like a windows/driver issue to me although checking in the device manager when it is and isn't working still shows the T7 driver is loaded.  Based on other forum posts I've found I checked the USB settings in power management as well as any other settings that might be different between the two accounts, and tried disabling the watchdog on the T7.  Any other ideas?

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A good first step is to use

A good first step is to use LJStreamM.exe instead of your program.  Do the same things in LJStreamM and see if it has any issues and let us know what you see.