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LabView connection with LabJack UE9

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LabView connection with LabJack UE9

I have LabJack UE9 and I cant get it to work with my version of LabView (2015 student version with a license) when I install the UD software everything works fine till it executes the LabView installation and update file. What happens is it opens LabView and prompts me through a couple of screens that are just standard accept policy and make sure you close all open LabView projects. After that I get a loading screen that never loads. I left the screen up for 3 hours and the status bar still has 0% done

LabView is 64-bit

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The installer launched by our

The installer launched by our installer is for the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 7.1.  You need LVRTE 7.1 for LJLogUD.exe and LJStreamUD.exe.  You can get this directly from NI here:

If you don't need LJLogUD.exe and LJStreamUD.exe, don't worry about installing LVRTE 7.1 and just go to LJControlPanel and make sure your UE9 is working:

LVRTE 7.1 should have nothing to do with your LabVIEW 2015 installation and your ability to open examples from our LabVIEW_LJUD archive: