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Labjack U3 Labview Simulator

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Labjack U3 Labview Simulator


I have U3 module. I can receive data from my U3 hardware to labview with "U3 easy Stream". Also i can save streaming data.

I wanna make a labview simulator behave like labjack U3 hardware. 

The simulator sends data that i saved via USB dll.   In this way i will try my GUI without using labjack and test setup. 

I cant find any '.vi ' file in "Labview_LJUD_2017_09_25_0" folder.

Is there a '.vi' file for labjack simulator to ready-to-use?


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Sorry but we do not have any

Sorry but we do not have any simulator functions for the U3, so you will have to make your own VI that produces simulated data of interest to you.