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LabJack functions not appearing in NXG palette

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Ben W.
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LabJack functions not appearing in NXG palette

After following the instructions for labview/labjack interfacing, I was able to use the example files to recieve data from my U3. However, when I created a new project, I couldn't find the labjack functions in the palette. 

The instructions said I should unzip the "" to "\national instruments\labview #\vi.lib\addons\" however under "National Instruments\LabVIEW NXG 5.0" there is no "vi.lib" folder. There was an addons folder and this is where I unzipped the file, but the functions never appeared.

How do I get the functions to show up in the palette, OR is there a way to get around using the palette and just calling the gvi file?

Thanks in advance!

LabJack Support
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First, I would like to note

First, I would like to note that NI is discontinuing NXG after 2021. As a result, we are not planning to add any new examples for NXG:

I do not believe we set up a palette specifically for NXG, but you should be able to access everything without a palette. I like to look at the subvi before I add it, so I often open the subvi with the file explorer and drag the subvi icon into the main vi to add it. NXG should also likely have an option similar to base LabVIEW where you can right click in the block diagram and either search for the subvi, or there should be an option to "select a vi".