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AddS_Go_Get lagging program

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AddS_Go_Get lagging program

I'm using the U6-PRO as a hub for monitoring a collection of different sensors and to make some small commands to a heater. I only came into this code about a week ago and rebuilt it piece-meal because it was horribly disorganized, so I don't know the subtle differences in the various functions in the LJUD pallette. The main problem is that the VI lags horribly while running. The CPU and active memory are all far from being capped out. The readings are coming in at regular times, but they are a little laggy. The main issue is that actually navigating the LV software, scrolling, giving inputs, etc. is horribly laggy. We want to use another LV program simultaneously and can't at this rate. I did some trouble-shooting and gutted the entire program except for "AddS_Go_Get" and still had the lag, so that must be the problem. Should I be using a different function? Or is this a hardware issue with our setup?

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The VIs just call UD

The VIs just call UD functions, so I would read Section 4.1 to understand how the UD library works:


Perhaps the following section will help as you can estimate how long each call will take to execute: