type or namespace 'LJM' could not be found

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type or namespace 'LJM' could not be found

When I try to type and compile my C# program in MVS, it generates the aforementioned error message (or "LJM does not exist in the current context") and suggests the class is missing a using directive or assembly reference. I've added a reference to LabJack.LJM.dll but it errors for every static method I call, LJM.OpenS() for example. What am I missing?



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Having the reference to the

Having the reference to the LabJack.LJM.dll .NET assembly is the first part to using it in your project. Next, in your code you need the using directive with the LabJack namespace for the LJM class to be available. So add this to the top of your source code:

using LabJack;

The LJM class should then be available and LJM.OpenS should work. If that doesn't resolve the issue, do our C# examples work for you?