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Interoprebility issues

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Interoprebility issues

Hello, I am trying to integrate LabJack into our production testing facilities, and it is really wonderful to have the C# API available. However, the LabJackUDException objects do not work properly because they inherit from ApplicationException, which seems to have become deprecated. Would it be a huge fuss to update the libraries to work with the newer versions of .NET, so they do not have to call the obsolete mscorlib.dll:

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We are going to change

We are changing LabJackUDException to inherit from Exception instead. ApplicationException used to be the recommended class to derive from, but that was changed in later versions of .NET and now Exception is recommended. That will be available in a future release, but if you need that change immediately email us at [email protected] and I'll give you a prerelease version of the .NET assembly.