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Data Logging

LabJack produces a variety of DAQ devices that can be used as data logging devices when paired with a computer and using one of the available logging applications. Temperature can be logged by pairing one of many different temperature sensors. A large variety of other sensors and measurement instruments can also be used that allow for detection and measurement of humidity, light, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and more. For example, when pairing an EI-1050 with either a T4 or a T7 both Temperature and Humidity data can be collected, graphed, and logged to a .csv file using the LJLogM application.

The logging capabilities of our T-Series devices (T7 Series and T4 Series) can be greatly enhanced with the use of Lua Scripts to collect, format, and report data from a wide range of I2C sensors that can then be collected using LJLogM.

Using the LJM driver and our published example code custom logging applications can be created, allowing our devices to be used with the Raspberry Pi and other single board computers.

LabJack's devices can be connected to a computer over three communication mediums: USB, Ethernet, and WiFi. In short, we design, manufacture, and produce USB, Ethernet, and WiFi DAQ devices that fulfil a wide array of data acquisition and control needs ranging from data logging to intelligent feedback driven control systems.

  • Multifunction Data Logger/Datalogger Devices that can collect Temperature, Humidity, Light, and more
  • Multifunction data logger with Raspberry Pi 3
  • LabJack T7-Pro, Multifunction USB and Ethernet Data Logger Device, Temperature (Thermocouples, RTDs), Light, Humidity, Acceleration, more
  • LabJack T7, Multifunction USB and Ethernet Data Logger Device, Temperature (Thermocouples, RTDs), Light, Humidity, Acceleration, more
  • LabJack T4, Multifunction USB and Ethernet Data Logger Device, Temperature (Thermocouples, RTDs), Light, Humidity, Acceleration, more

Related LabJack Devices

Low Cost Ethernet DAQ


T4: $245

  • Lowest cost Modbus TCP Ethernet DAQ device. Also supports USB communication.
  • 4 dedicated high voltage analog inputs (±10V, 12-bit resolution)
  • 8 configurable low voltage analog inputs (0-2.5V, 12-bit resolution) that can function as digital I/O lines
  • 8 dedicated digital I/O lines (EIO4-EIO7 and CIO0-CIO3)
  • Multiple timers and counters (Pulse Timing, PWM Output, Quadrature Input, ...)
  • Digital I/O lines support SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, and UART (Master modes only)
  • 2 Analog Outputs (10-bit, 0-5 volts)

High Performance, USB, Ethernet, Wifi

T7: $520
T7-Pro: $750

  • Newest DAQ device supporting USB, Ethernet, and 802.11b/g WiFi
  • Fully compatible with Modbus TCP/UDP and most SCADA programs
  • 14 analog inputs built-in
  • Expand to 84 analog inputs with Mux80 add-on
  • Analog input ranges: ±10V, ±1V, ±0.1V and ±0.01V
  • 16-bit high-speed ADC (up to 100k samples/s)
  • 24-bit low-speed ADC (resolution as low as 1uV noise-free)
  • 23 digital I/O
  • Up to 10 counters
  • 2 analog outputs (12-bit, 0-5V)
  • Serial protocols: SPI, I2C, and more ...
  • Up to 8 PWM, quadrature, pulse width, and more ...

Why LabJack?

All Software is Free!

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

LabJack Software Options

The LJM Library is a set of functions used to easily communicate with several of our devices using a simple Modbus over USB interface (as well as Modbus TCP/UDP when applicable). The goal is to be easy to use and understand, yet flexible.
All important values and data from the device can be read and/or written by using the associated register(s).

LabJack's DAQ devices have a wide range of features

  • Analog Inputs

  • Digital I/O

  • Analog Outputs

  • PWM, Quadrature ...

  • SPI, I2C, Async Serial ...

*Check Individual Devices for support
LabJacks offers first class customer support, speak with actual engineers

We don't force you into a certain operating system, software, or programming environment. We provide free support for C/C++, C#, Delphi, Java, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, VBA, VB.NET, DAQFactory and more. If you use something we don't already support, we will work with you to add support. Add new kinds of sensors on-the-fly. We provide inexpensive signal conditioning modules. Control valves, motors, lights, pumps, etc - using one of many digital I/O control options. Embed LabJack DAQ hardware in your product using our OEM options. Leveraging smart designs and the latest semiconductors, allows us to provide more performance for less money. Have confidence in your measurements. Each device is individually tested and calibrated traceable to NIST standards. New features are readily available through field-programmable firmware. Each device has multiple protection mechanisms on every I/O to help prevent damage. Free lifetime support. Timely Email responses that actually answer your question. Get answers from the engineers who made the product.