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Data Acquisition (DAQ) with Analog I/O

LabJack devices collect analog readings from sensors.
LabJack hardware combined with software or custom code creates a powerful DAQ system.
  • LabJack devices collect analog readings from sensors.
  • T7-Pro with Terminal Boards
  • T7 Open in Kipling
  • T7 Pro with 7 Different Sensors Connected to Expansion Boards
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LabJack offers laboratory grade, industrial spec. computer based data acquisition (DAQ) hardware and control products. Our products are powerful, yet affordable; multifunction tools to equip engineers to solve challenges, and unlock insights. 

LabJack products feature:

  • 12+ analog input channels, expandable to 84 for projects small and large
  • 2-20 Analog Outputs for Controlling Sensors or Waveform Generation
  • USB, Ethernet, or WiFi connectivity 
  • Windows, macOS, and Linux compatible (including ARM builds for single board computers like Raspberry Pi)
  • Python, LabVIEW, C/C++, MATLAB, C#, Visual Basic, and .NET examples
  • Connect/read most analog and digital sensors 
  • 12 to 24-bit ADC options, $100-$600 there's a LabJack for every bench, business, budget and BOM
  • Free Kipling software for basic test, configuration, and firmware upgrades in a graphical interface.

Since 2001, LabJack, has earned a reputation for providing legendary support to our customers. Using LabJack devices is straightforward with our clear documentation, and our engineers are happy to help.

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Why LabJack

Legendary Support

  • Email responses that actually answer your question.
  • Free lifetime support includes (some) engineering design help.
  • The engineers who made the product also respond to your questions.
  • Should your LabJack misbehave, we offer free RMA diagnostics & repairs.


  • Software integrates easily. We don't force you into a certain software, programming environment or operating system.
    • LabVIEW, C++, MATLAB, Python, Java, .NET, Delphi, Visual Basic, VB6, VBA, and more
    • Windows, Mac OS X*, Linux*
  • Add new kinds of sensors on-the-fly. We provide inexpensive signal conditioning modules.
  • Control valves, motors, lights, pumps, etc - using one of many digital I/O control options.
  • Incorporate LabJack DAQ hardware using our OEM options.

Quality Hardware

  • Have confidence in your measurements. Every device is individually tested and calibrated.
  • New features and updates are readily available through field-programmable firmware.
  • Multiple protection mechanisms on every I/O to help prevent electrical damage. 

* Not all platforms are fully supported for each device, see our LabJack Applications, Example Code/Wrappers, and Installer Downloads pages for more details.  Our T-Series devices (T4, T7) have the best cross platform support.

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