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T7 PWM Output Config

Configure settings to generate LJM pseudocode

T4 DIO channels: DIO6 and DIO7
T7 DIO channels: DIO0 and DIO2-DIO5

Desired DIO Channel:
Desired Frequency (Hz):
Desired Duty Cycle (%):
Select Clock Source:
Select Clock Divisor:


        // Compiling Code, if code doesn't appear please enable JavaScript or
        // try using an up to date version of Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox.
        // Ideally an example of how to configure the T7's PWM functionality
        // will appear here.
Information regarding the functions used in this example are available on LJM's function reference page. Particularly, the generated pseudocode above ignores errors, but real applications should handle errors.

Support - General Psuedocode Compiler

Support - T7 PWM Output Config Script