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labJack over heating question

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labJack over heating question

We had to strip the U6 pro and mount it in a PVC box alongside the PS12DC and lab jack TICK, our set is permanent so when of my colleagues suggested submerging the whole set with epoxy resins to protect it from the elements and make the set solid and last longer. 

do you think that will lead the labjack, PS12DC or the labjack TICk to overheat? 

Thank you 

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We have not tried that

We have not tried that ourself, and have not heard of anyone else doing that.  If the resin is not thermally conductive, I would be especially concerned about:

U6 processor:  Generates the most heat of any 1 chip.

U6 AIN circuitry:  Does not generate a lot of heat, but if the resin causes say 20C of rise, this would cause tempco related measurement errors.

PS12DC switches:  Heat generated depends on voltage/current you are controlling.


My suggestion is to find a resin that is thermally conductive but not electrically conductive.