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U6 counter block Labview

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Peter Zemek
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U6 counter block Labview

Hi, i would like to ask, if there is any block/scheme that allows acces to counters for U6pro in Labview? My aplication should read multiple encoders (5kHz) and process them on demand (100Hz). I was unable to achive high sample rate (5kHz) for digital inputs without losing an encoder pulses. I have not try a streaming yet.

Thanks for your response. 

LabJack Support
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Take a look at the LabVIEW

Take a look at the LabVIEW examples and its Examples\U6\TimerCounter examples. In particular the "U6 2-PWM and Counter.vi" and "U6 6-Counter.vi" demonstrate counter usage (and also timers).


General counter documentation is here: