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Overcome packet size limitation?

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Overcome packet size limitation?


I am using the U3 as a trigger device for MEG/EEG experiments. I would like to upload a whole set of state-changes to the U3, including the waits in between. However, packet size is a limiting factor here. If I try to send multiple packets in a row, it seems to important to send those at the correct time, otherwise they do not get executed.

There does not seem to be an output stream mode, is that correct?

So, is there any way of implementing this? I know that this could be done by relying on the OS's clock, but I would like to avoid this because it might increase inaccuracies....

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With the U3 you are limited

With the U3 you are limited as you describe.


Sounds like you might want to consider the T4 which would give you the added options of Stream-Out and Lua scripting: