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I'm using the example code. I'm trying to increase the sampling rate I have logged onto a separate file across 8 channels, from AIN0-AIN7. The example code is setup to average out a total of 1200 readings. The more channels you want to scan, the less readings it averages out per channel.

With 8 channels, I'm getting an average of 150 readings per channel. My scan frequency is set to 6300Hz being my maximum scan rate in stream mode. But because of the averaging I'm getting 40 samples per second, per channel written onto my log file.

  • I'm trying to get to get 100 samples/sec per channel. How can I increase the sampling rate written onto my log file?

SOLVED: Can manipulate packet per request to adjust averages...

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Glad to see you resolved your

Glad to see you resolved your issue. Let us know if you have further questions.