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audio loudspeaker selection

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audio loudspeaker selection

Hello, I have a Labjack U3 that i want to use for selecting from one of four (or more) loudspeakers, playing a simple audio tone and getting a response from a listener via a button push (as to the location of the audio source).  I have been able to program the labjack using (eDI) to detect  a specific button push without any problem.  However, I cannot get any audio signal output to a loudspeaker after opening a digital port (using eDO) connected to that loudspeaker.  I think the problem is a simple one, however, I am not an electrical person.  I would appreciate any help you can give. 

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A couple initial things:

A couple initial things:

1.  What sort of signal causes the speaker to make noise?  If you have a "buzzer", they buzz in response to a DC voltage, so this might be what you want.  If you have a plain speaker, it needs an AC waveform to create a noise at that same frequency.

2.  How much current does the speaker need to make noise?  See note #16: