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grid of tiny-linear-actuators

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Muhammad Umair Khan
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grid of tiny-linear-actuators

I am looking to build a personal-portable "dynamic shape display". It actually comprises of a grid of hundreds of linear actuators stacked together to make 3D shapes. My main issue is size constraint. It should not be any larger than a laptop. Ideal size would be equivalent to a palm. 

The number pf actuators is at least 1000.

I need ideas and suggestions on which actuation mechanism should i use. 

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LabJack Support
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For the physical details and

For the physical details and sourcing of linear actuators I am afraid we are not going to be able to help.

Once you have actuators selected we can help talk about how to control them, but does not sound simple.

Muhammad Umair Khan
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By principle of Lorentz Force

By principle of Lorentz Force, a current carrying conductor experiences a force if  kept in a a magnetic field. Then if the conductor is not allowed to move, does the magnet providing the magnetic field also experience an equal and opposite force on itself?

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Have you checked the

Have you checked the collection of linear actuators from Progressive Automations? As I know, the smallest linear actuator they have called micro ( and this device is small enough in size. I'm pretty sure they could also do something custom for you.