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'module' object has no attribute 'ePut'

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'module' object has no attribute 'ePut'









LabjackPython.py has the following:
 def ePut(Handle, IOType, Channel, Value, x1):

Myprogram.py has the following:
def Start(self):
self.lj = u3.U3()
print ("[Starting DUT]")
u3.ePut(self.lj.handle, u3.LJ_ioPUT_DAC, D_LJARLY, D_LJRLYUP, 0)
self.startTemp = self.lj.getTemperature() - 272.15

return True

Encountered 'module' object has no attribute 'ePut' when running Myprogram.py.  Please advise


LabJack Support
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The ePut function and UD

The ePut function and UD driver constants are in the LabJackPython module. ePut is not a function or method in the u3 module or U3 class. In your code, make sure you have:

import LabJackPython

And then have your ePut call look like:

LabJackPython.ePut(self.lj.handle, LabJackPython.LJ_ioPUT_DAC, D_LJARLY, D_LJRLYUP, 0)

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Thanks. It's working now.

Thanks. It's working now.