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Addressing LEDs with LabJack

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Addressing LEDs with LabJack

Hello, I am attempting to toggle on/off individual LEDs (about a hundred of them) with the U3-LV and I wanted to know what the best approach is, hardware-wise. I currently have my script in matlab toggling a single LED using the DAC0 output, but if I needed to address several different LEDs individually, how can I accomplish this since there are only 2 analog outputs? 

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The U3-LV has 20 digital IO.

The U3-LV has 20 digital IO. You may be able to multiplex them 10 x 10, but that will have a low on duty cycle and we have to be careful about how much power we are pulling. Here is a detailed explanation:

Another option is to use SPI IO expanders like this one: