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analog output on U3-lv

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analog output on U3-lv

Hi, I want to use the analog output to control a pressure regulator that accepts 0-10 Vdc analog input. To test his i first made a opamp to get covert the analog output signal from 0-5volts to 0-10 volts. On the workbench with a seperate power supply this works. Now i use the LJ control Panel to set the analog output. I can set the value of DAC0 to 2,5 volts and change it but nothing changes on the DAC0 itself.  Analog inputs work, digital in and out works, analog out not. Do i need to activate somthing to make it work?



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The U3 DAC can be affected by

The U3 DAC can be affected by a few things, but there is no "off" control. Some things to try:

  • Test DAC1.
  • Disconnect the amplification circuit and test DAC0.
  • Are you using any timers? Setting the source clock speed too low will affect the DACs.
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Thanks for the comment.

Thanks for the comment. Stupid stupid stupid, I always tell my students not to measure on te terminal screws but on the clamps, stupid stupid stupid. My appologies for this post because i should have know!. everything works well.

thanks anyway.