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LM35 and negativ values

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LM35 and negativ values


I would like to use the LM35 for a series of temp. measurements. 
My measurements will range from -20 C to +75 C. 

The U3 is good for down to -0.3 V, is that correct?  
What do I need to do, to enable negativ voltages on an Input? 
I'm using the LJLogUD program to capture data

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Connect your signal to FIO4

Connect your signal to FIO4 and jumper FIO5 to GND.  Set CH+=4 and CH-=5 to do a differential reading of AIN4-AIN5, and the range will be about -0.3 to +2.4 versus ground.

Note that special thought is required to get voltages <0 from the LM35.  Also note that we feel the LM34 is better than the LM35 because it provides more output and 0.0 volts is -17C.