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Which product for 2 microphones?

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Which product for 2 microphones?


I need read signals from 2 standard PC microphones. Very important for me is that reading have to be synchronized. 

Samples speed = 20k Samples. 

I would like to control it from software UNITY3D, language C++. Which USB product can You recommend me ?

Thank You for any answer.



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Microphone Signal:  I'm not

Microphone Signal:  I'm not sure on the exact signal you will get from your microphones, but I suspect you will need some sort of signal conditioner that converts it to a nice low impedance signal in a high level voltage range (0-5, +/-10, etc).

Scan Rate = 20k:  Scanning 2 channels at 20k means you need a sample rate of 40k.  You can do that with the U3, U6, or T7.  All our devices use multiplexed analog inputs, so the 2 channels are acquired sequentially rather than at the exact same time.  With the U3 and U6 there will be an interchannel delay of about 15us, whereas on the T7 you can get that down to about 8us.

UNITY3D C++:  I am not familiar with UNITY3D, but we certainly support C++ and have various examples.