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Connecting Multiple UE9s

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Connecting Multiple UE9s

Working on a project which requires 3 UE9-Pro's due to amount of relays and thermocouples needed. Is there a way to hook the UE9-pro's together so we only need 1 cable from the computer to the UE9s? Typically use USB cable to connect in the past, but have never had this issue. Each UE9-pro has a CB30 and an RB12 attached. 

Another solution is to buy a Mux80 AIN expansion and run most relays off relay drivers, but I already own the 3 UE9s and would prefer that route.  



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For USB you would put a USB

For USB you would put a USB hub near the 3 UE9s or for Ethernet you would put an Ethernet switch near the 3 UE9s.  Either of these are available in very small packages.

USB:  You can probably get a USB hub to take enough power from the host USB connection to then power all 3 UE9s.  Your VS might be a little low, but this can be quite convenient.

Ethernet:  You would generally need to run power to the switch and the UE9s, but it also would be possible to use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to get power to all 4 devices from the upstream Ethernet connection.