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speed measurement using Labjacku3

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speed measurement using Labjacku3


I am using labjackU3 HV and labview for my motor. i need measure speed of motor after every 12 pulses. please give how to read in labview.

already with 1 pulse i am reading using frequency measurement block.

Please give me reply it is very urgent.

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So it sounds like you want to

So it sounds like you want to count pulses, and you want to know the time between every 12th pulse.  For something like that I would consider streaming a hardware counter.

1.  Configure the counter.  Go to "config defaults" in LJControlPanel and enable Counter0.  Click "Write Values", exit LJCP, and power-cycle the U3 so the new defaults are in effect.

2.  Read the counter.  Now you can go to LJStreamUD and read Counter0 using channels 210 & 224:



See the scaling equations page for more information about handling the 2 16-bit values you get from 210 & 224:


Set the first row to 210 and the second row to 224, and set #Channels=2.  If you set scan rate to 10000 and click "Start Stream" you will get readings every 100us, so you know the time between any 2 scans in the data set.

Do the above with LJStreamUD to confirm this approach works.  Then to do this yourself in LabVIEW you can skip step 1 above because you can do the configuration in your LabVIEW program.  See the example "U3 Stream AIN with Timers & Counters.vi" to get started.

See the following for general information about frequency measurement: