LabJack Bartender Update

LabJack Bartender Update - LabJack


It has been a while since the last update on the automated bartender, but the project is still underway.  The latest additions are a database and a new design of bottle stopper.  

Basically, the database runs on the computer connected to the Labjack, and contains a list of what ingredients are needed for each drink.  If some ingredients are missing, the program suggests a backup, i.e. coke for pepsi.  Simply modify a table in the DB to notify the program which bottles are currently connected to the bartender.  The program searches the database for drinks that can be made with the connected ingredients, and then lists the possible choices on the interface.

There is also a mobile version of the interface so anyone with a wifi enabled phone can get on the network and pour a drink.  The next goal is an android app with voice recognition, so saying "Pint of Jack and Coke" would pour the drink.  Since Android has a built in speech-to-text engine the process shouldn't be too difficult.

Updated stopper design


The images above show a simplified method for creating bottle stoppers.  Use any size cork and some ShapeLock Design Plastic molded around a 1/8" diam. rod.  Flaring the plastic slightly aids in creating a good seal.

Next time, a video showing the basics.

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