Custom LabJack OEM Boards for Integrated and Embedded Applications

Custom LabJack OEM Boards for Integrated and Embedded Applications - LabJack

LabJack produces low cost, high quality, data acquisition and control products in OEM form factors under $100.  These devices have the same features as the enclosed devices but are intended for direct solder installation. Selecting LabJack for your next embedded application insures your devices will perform flawlessly due to our comprehensive process that includes soldering, rework, cleaning, exhaustive testing and calibration.

Customization: If you’re looking for seamless integration with other products or plan to use specialized enclosures, our custom OEM boards are available to do the job. LabJack provides device customization at a modest cost, allowing you to order OEM devices ready-made to tackle your project requirements. Many customizations can be done using parts we already have on hand, while for others we will obtain the parts needed from outside sources; in either case, you will receive the device with the precise specifications for your program needs. And all of our customized devices are calibrated and specially tested prior to shipping, in order to arrive at your location ready to go to work for you.

For a quote on a customized device or devices, just send us an email or contact us for a prompt response.

Please Note: Custom OEM board lead times currently vary from 17 to 26 weeks, depending on complexity and parts availability.

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