What is an analog input? (AI, AIN, ADC)

An analog input converts a voltage level into a digital value that can be stored and processed in a computer.  

Why would you want to measure voltages? There are a multitude of sensors available which convert things like temperature, pressure, etc. into voltages. The voltages can then be easily measured by various kinds of hardware, such as a LabJack U3-HV, then read into a computer.   

The computer can then convert the voltage value into its original type such as temperature, pressure, etc. This value can then be stored in a file, emailed to someone or used to control something else outside of the computer.

What is an analog input? (AI, AIN, ADC)

Get temperature from a sensor using an analog input. 

  • Wire the output of the analog temperature sensor to a U3-HV as shown. 
  • Read the voltage on the computer to know the current temperature.  
  • This particular sensor outputs 0.01 volts per °F, so 0.76V corresponds with 76°F. 

Explore LabJack's Analog Input App Note.

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