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For many LabJack users, machine health monitoring and capturing manufacturing data are increasingly important issues. Some of you likely discovered LabJack while trying to solve these or similar problems. Our friends at MachineMetrics are leveraging LabJack devices as part of their powerful Industrial IoT solution that puts this data to work. Right now, hundreds of companies are using MachineMetrics' platform to measure and analyze the performance of thousands of machines across global factories. Their comprehensive solutions provide real-time visualizations and predictive notifications that enable shopfloor teams to optimize machine performance, productivity and increase capacity utilization. Read More HERE

Partner - Technologic Systems

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Technologic Systems has been in business for 32 years, helping more than 8000 OEM customers. We offer a wide variety of single board computers, computer-on-modules, touch panel PCs, PC/104 and other peripherals, and industrial controllers that satisfy most embedded project requirements.



Electronic Innovations Corp. Temperature and Humidity Probes – Instrumentation Amplifiers

Electronic Innovations produces temperature and humidity probes that are used with data acquisition equipment. We also produce instrumentation amplifiers and custom designed electronic interfaces. One of our major customers for our probes and instrumentation amplifiers is LabJack Corporation.