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Example Code/Wrappers: U12 Library

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I need to use my Labjack U12 from the Dark Basic Pro program, do you know what kind of code can I use to read it?

Thank you


See Section 4 of the U12 User's Guide.  You need to call functions from the U12 driver DLL (or ActiveX object), so the first step is to see if Dark Basic supports that.  If it does, you can start with attempting a call to GetDriverVersion.


Do you have a driver that works on raspberry pi?




The U12 Linux driver will work:

Read here however regarding the U12 and Raspberry Pi:

We recommend using a LabJack device (and its Linux driver) other than the U12 with a Raspberry Pi. Note that this applies to the Rapsberry Pi B, and we have not yet tested with the Raspberry Pi B+.