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Modbus Map

We distribute a constants file called "ljm_constants.json" that defines all information about the Modbus register map.  The dynamic filter & search tool below pulls it's data from that JSON file.

  • Name:  A string name that can be used with the LJM library to access each register.
  • Address:  The starting address of each register.
  • Details:  Click to get text pulled from the description field in the JSON.
  • Type:  Specifies the datatype, which also tells you how many registers each value uses.
  • Access:  Read-only, write-only, or read & write.
  • Tags:  Used to associate registers with particular functionality.  Useful for filtering.

For a U3/U6 with firmware less than 2.0, or for the UE9, see the deprecated Modbus system called UD Modbus.


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