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LJLogUD - Windows Only

The application LJLogUD V1.16 is included with the main installation package:

LabJack Windows Driver and Software Installation Package

49.9 MB
2014-05-21 15:24

LJLogUD.exe is a ready-to-run executable that logs from 1-16 channels on a U3, U6, or UE9. It displays selected channels on a graph and writes data to file.

For LabVIEW programmers, the source code is available in the LabVIEW_LJUD archive.

See Section 3.1 of the applicable user's guide for background on command/response data rates. Also see the analog input section (2.x).

If you have changed some settings and are having problems, close the program and delete "ljlogud.cfg", then open again and you will have the default settings.



LJLogUD vs. LJStreamUD: LJLogUD uses command/response mode as documented in Section 3.1 of any UD series user's guide.  It acquires and processes 1 scan at a time at the specified Interval.  Generally used for perhaps 10 scans/second or slower.  LJStreamUD uses stream mode as documented in Section 3.2 of any UD series user's guide.  Each iteration it retrieves and processes 1 seconds worth of scans.  Generally needed for perhaps 100 scans/second or faster.  For more discussion of command/response mode and stream mode see Section 3.0 of the applicable user's guide:  U3, U6, or UE9.


Control Descriptions

# Channels: 1-16.


LabJack UD Setup V3.15 64-bit (Outdated)

NOTE: This version is now outdated as the new installer we are using supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Use the normal LabJackUD installer for Windows. That will work for any 32-bit software running on a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. If you are using 64-bit software you should still follow the instructions below.

This version of the LabJack Universal Driver (UD) supports 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. August 12th, 2009. 11.3 MB

This installer will provide Microsoft Windows users with the software needed to control their UD family devices from a 64-bit architecture machine and operating system. By default, this application will provide the OS with the 64-bit USB driver but, as a large number of applications still run as 32-bit processes, this setup utility still installs the 32-bit DLL for compatibility purposes. If developers specifically require a DLL for 64-bit applications, please visit this page for installation instructions.

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